Chapter 43 - Regeneration Salve

Chapter 43 Regeneration Salve.

Chapter 43 – Regeneration Salve

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Edit: Some have expressed concern about the title. This is a start to a 4 chapter story arc. Next couple chapter name is Regeneration Salve (2)->(3)->(4). It’s just how the author names his chapter. The first part doesn’t get labeled with a (1).

“Isn’t that a Return Portal Marble?”

“Return Portal Marble?”

Jung-minchan carefully looked over the item.

“I…I think you are right.”

“It’s a Return Portal Marble….”

Woojin looked at the finger-tip sized gem.

<Skia’s Tear>

The tear of the Adventurer’s god Skia opens a path to the starting point.

Use : Portal Formation

“I guess it’s used to escape a Dungeon.”

“C…correct.. It is an item that can’t be easily found. When I was at the Hammer guild, I only saw it two or three…”

“Is that so?”

Woojin looked around his Achievement Point Store. He found an item with a similar function.

<Heres’s Determination>

The god of Time Heres is determined to start his adventure anew. This item cannot be transferred to others.

Use : Portal Formation Price : 3000 Achievement Points.

He would have to kill 1000 Rakwis to fill the point requirements. However, each Naga in the 5 star Dungeon gave him 100 points. Therefore, the Achievement Point was equivalent to killing 30 Naga.

It wasn’t an insignificant amount of points, but it was a useful item to have in case of an emergency.

“So how much is it?”

“At the very least, it is worth 10 million dollars”

At his words, Woo-soonghoon and Sunggoo became wide-eyed.


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