Chapter 42 Hot Issue (2).

Chapter 42 Hot Issue (2).

Chapter 42 - Hot Issue (2)

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“Ooh ooh. Why can’t we see each other tomorrow at school? Why does she always call me out when the weather is cold.”

The weather was getting cold. Jaemin quickly walked in haste as he adjusted his clothing. Jaemin looked into the distance when he saw a woman sitting on a swing inside a small playground.

Her figure was lit by the streetlight, and he was sure it was Lee-soolgi.

“Hey. We’ll be able to see each other tomorrow at school. Why did you come here? It’s dangerous.”

“Yo. Jaemin is now worried about me?”

“Uh uh? Of course. It’s really dark here, so it’s dangerous for you.”

“Heh heh. The study bug Jaemin is now worry about this noonah. I guess it was worthwhile to come here?”

Soolgi’s bright smile and her words made Jaemin’s heart pound. She was already pretty in her school uniform, but she was pretty in a different way in her casual clothes.

“Ha. Do you have something to say to me?”

“What’s the rush? Sit here.”

At Soolgi’s words, Jaemin sat next to her as he grumbled. Soolgi kicked the ground without saying anything. Her movement caused the swing to sway.

Jaemin didn’t press her for an answer. He just waited for her. Today Soolgi was in some undecipherable mood. What did she want to say to him in such a serious manner….

“Hey, Jaemin.”


“I was chosen by the SW agency as a trainee...

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