Chapter 41 - Hot Issue

Chapter 41 Hot Issue.

Chapter 41 – Hot Issue

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“Uh uh? The barrier is disappearing.”

“What? That’s crazy talk?”

The reporters gathered in front of the Seoul National University Station’s 6th exit was surprised when they saw the barrier start to disappear.

It takes an average time of about 8 hours to clear a 5 star Dungeon. However, Woojin and Sunggoo was showing up after entering the Dungeon for 4 hours.

Even if the time flowed 4 times faster in there, they had completed the Dungeon in about 16 hours.

“H…hurry up and write the article.”

“We’ll have to try to get an interview from him. Oh-wahh. What the heck is this?”

“Doesn’t this mean he is almost at Kim-gahngchul’s level?”

“Eh-ee. Still, you are comparing him to Kim-kahngchul.”

If one had to pick the greatest Roused of Korea, then everyone would say it was Kim-gahngchul.

“Still, his impact won’t be something to scoff at.”

“Yeah. Uh, they are coming out now.”

Surely there weren’t any Roused in Korea that was hotter than Woojin right now. He was the Roused who had cleared the 5 star Dungeon by himself.

He was still obscure since he is a new Rank A Roused, but there were...

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