Chapter 39 5 Star Dungeon (2).

Chapter 39 5 Star Dungeon (2).

Chapter 39 – 5 Star Dungeon (2)

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They had already passed by 5 Oasis.

During that time, they had found 3 Artifacts. They were also able to earn a lot of bloodstones, and all of it had been placed inside Woojin’s sub-dimension.

Woojin and Sunggoo arrived at the last field.

There were crumbling walls, and the road was covered with sand. Trees were growing sparsely, and it was an indication that there were life here.

“W..what do you think of this place?”



“It is the name of an abandoned city.”

“Hul. How do you even know the name of the city, hyung-nim?”

“It’s written over there.”

Woojin pointed toward the gates leading to the collapsed city. Sunggoo tilted his head in confusion as he looked at the undecipherable letters.

‘How does he know this?’

He was able to speak with the Orcs last time. Now he was able to read the writings found within the Dungeon.

However, he wasn’t going to ask about it. He was just curious. He didn’t want to be berated for asking unnecessary questions.

“You’ll really have to be careful from now on.”

“Yes, sir!”

Woojin scratched his cheek when he saw Sunggoo answer bravely. If the danger went away just by the person being careful, then no...

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