Chapter 38 - 5 Star Dungeon

Chapter 38 5 Star Dungeon.

Chapter 38 – 5 Star Dungeon

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“It’s Kang-woojin!”

Someone let out a shout, and the flash of the cameras burst forth from all direction.

The reporters had the boring job of waiting outside the Dungeon since they wanted a scoop. Now the reporters swarmed Woojin and Sunggoo like bees.

“What…what are you guys doing?”

Sunggoo spread out both his arms to block the reporters. He called himself a manager, but Sunggoo wasn’t proficient at the jobs done by an actual manager of a Roused.

“Mr. Kang-Woojin. Is it true you are a Roused secretly raised by the Hammmer guild??”

“Is it true you are a Rank A Roused?”

“Your mother works at the restaurant. What happened?”

Sunggoo couldn’t even respond to the questions that poured out like a waterfall, so Woojin stepped forward.

“Why are you standing there like that? Let’s go.”

“What? You just want to go like this?”

“Then do you want to be stuck here?”

“But how…”

Woojin clicked his tongue.

“Get out of the way. I’ll just answer their questions quickly. Why are you getting so worked up over it?”

He…he was so cool. He was his hyung-nim.

The reporters rushed in front of Woojin.

“Hurry up and ask me a question. I’m busy.”

“Mr. Kang-woojin. Please respond…. Uh? What?”

“I said hurry up and ask me a question.”

The reporter was taken aback, but he used his professional mind to quickly come up with a reply.

“What kind of...

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