Chapter 37 Establishing a Guild(2).

Chapter 37 Establishing a Guild(2).

Chapter 37 – Establishing a Guild(2)

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*At the Hotel owned by the Hammer guild*

The large banquet hall was filled to capacity with people.

Except for those on duty tonight, it seemed everyone had gathered here today.

“This is crazy.”

“T…team leader. What should we do?”

“How should I know?”

It wasn’t an atmosphere where he would be able to have a private talk.

It was as if all the chefs inside the hotel had been mobilized to prepare the buffet. Everyone was in a cheerful mood, but Jung-minchan and Kim-haemin’s face was turning darker as time passed.

The department head, who would usually accept their letter of recommendation, had been transferred, and Minchan had been promoted to the head of his own department.

The president was sitting at the table reserved for the managers and directors. Minchan was surrounded by his team mates, and he was continuously receiving congratulations for his promotion.

At that moment, Kim-haemin pushed an envelope towards...

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