Chapter 35 Dungeon Reset (3).

Chapter 35 Dungeon Reset (3).

Chapter 35 – Dungeon Reset (3)

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He entered by breaking the regulation, so will he be arrested or be given a penalty?


It was when everyone’s attention was focused on him, Woojin saw the security personnel that was still hanging around the station. He spoke towards the one who had pushed him.

“Uh-ooh, ahjuhshi. What were you doing pushing me? I almost died.”

“I…I didn’t push you…”

Woojin approached the security personnel then he gave an exaggerated hug.

“Hahaha. It’s alright. Everything is fine since I’m still alive. Ahjuhshi was probably also surprised? You don’t have to feel guilty. Aren’t I still alive?”

No. How can this be considered just being alive? This was the first incident where a Roused had successfully cleared a 5 star Dungeon by himself.

“Uh uh? Hey. Hey. Hurry up and turn the camera.”

The people from the tv station, who were taking a break, started to busily set up their cameras.

When the announcer spoke, Woojin’s image was captured by the camera, and it was broadcasted to the entire country.

“We are bringing you some breaking news. Mr. Kang, who had accidentally fallen into the Dungeon, has surprisingly come back out alive. We have no idea what has happened, but I will try to interview the person directly involved.”

When Jung-minchan saw the announcer approaching Woojin, he sidled up next to Woojin. Minchan took off his...

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