Chapter 34 Dungeon Reset (2).

Chapter 34 Dungeon Reset (2).

Chapter 34 – Dungeon Reset (2)

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“Can anyone attempt it?”

“What? No way. It is very dangerous to attempt a newly formed Dungeon. Usually the guild takes care of these kinds of jobs….”

“Does the guild have a monopoly over it?”

That wasn’t entirely true. There were autonomous Roused teams, and there were several instances where these teams were able to possess a Dungeon. However, most of the undisclosed Dungeons were taken by the guilds, who possessed Roused teams specialized in raiding Dungeons.

“Will I be able to attempt it or not?”


Minchan thought about what he would say several times before he finally spoke.

“You will be able to. However, the opportunity will only be available after the Dungeon Energy is measured.”

“Jeez. Just give me an explanation without holding anything back.”

Minchan had no choice, but to answer him.

“After the Dungeon Energy is measured, there is a restriction by rank on who could attempt the Dungeon. If it is a 4 star then you have to be Rank C. If it is 5 stars then Rank B. Only an A rank had the right to attempt a 6 star.

Woojin had a interested expression on his face.

“Aren’t I a Rank C? Then I’ll have the qualification if the Dungeon turns out to be a 4 star. What’s next?”

“The Roused are given a chance depending on the order they arrive in. If the first challengers fails, only the teams with superior ranked forces are qualified to go next. If there are a...

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