Chapter 33 - Reset

Chapter 33 Reset.

Chapter 33 – Reset

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“Ooh ooh.”

Jiwon’s head felt like it was about to split open. She got up as she moaned. When she looked around her surrounding, she was at Jaemin’s house. Bits and pieces of her memories started to piece itself together.

Woojin’s dongsaeng named Sunggoo took the lead, and he started a crazy storm of games. It caused her to frantically drink alcohol. Sunggoo had wished in vain for her to take off her hat, and he was persistent in getting her to drink.

Then everything became too dizzy, so she leaned forward on the table, and her hat had fallen off.

“They saw everything….”

She wanted to hide it. She met someone who only remembered her beautiful old self. However, she had shown all of her embarrassing personal matter now.

‘I don’t get why it’s such a big deal. She’s still pretty.’

When her hat fell off, she didn’t have the courage to get up. So she pretended to have fallen asleep. However, she did drink too much alcohol, so her memory was fuzzy…

She thought Woojin had carried her over here… Then her film of memory was cut for real, and she couldn’t remember anything aftwerards.

Jiwon put her hands over her reddened cheeks, then she realized she still had her hat on. She tried...

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