Chapter 32 Do-jiwon (2).

Chapter 32 Do-jiwon (2).

Chapter 32 – Do-jiwon (2)

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Sunggoo had a hard time moving moving his lips. Woojin didn’t speak. However, it wasn’t as if he stopped moving.

He grabbed a piece of beef entrails with his chopstick. He dipped it in the sauce, then he placed it on top of a perilla leaf. He also placed a garlic he had dipped in the soybean paste on top of it. Then Woojin emptied a glass of soju.

Crunch, crunch.

Wooijn smiled as he ate the wrapped meat.

“Ah. This really goes well as a side dish for the soju.”


Woojin raised his empty glass towards Sunggoo, and he wordlessly filled the glass.

“Hey. Let’s not do any games like this next time. How about we just quietly eat and drink alcohol?”


Woojin brought the soju glass to his mouth when Sunggoo didn’t give him an answer. When their eyes met, Sunggoo spoke.


“Uh, what?”

“Why aren’t you saying anything about it?”

“About what?”

Sunggoo glanced towards the passed out Do-jiwon, and he gave a meaningful gaze towards her.

“What? Her bald spot?”


Wa. How could he say such words so easily?

“Dude. So what?”


“What’s wrong with it?”

“…hyung-nim is ok with it?”

“What about it?”

Woojin emptied the soju into his mouth.

“She has a small scar. It isn’t like she is going to die from...

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