Chapter 31 - Do-jiwon

Chapter 31 Do-jiwon.

Chapter 31 – Do-jiwon

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“Hello, Hyung. This is my noonah. Noonah. This is the hyung I was talking about, Woojin-hyung.”

“It’s been awhile, Jiwon. You are still very pretty.”

Jiwon smirked at how shameless Woojin was being. She had firmly put on a hat. So, how would he know if she was still pretty?

“It’s been awhile.”

She had last seen him 5 years ago when Woojin had gone missing. It was the time when her life had taken a turn.

“We are about to go eat some grilled beef entrails. Do you want to accompany us for some alcohol?”

“Uh? Grilled beef entrails?”

Do-jiwon hesitated when she heard Woojin’s words. Had he been this aggressive in the past? Jiwon tried to comb through her memories, but Woojin’s current figure was very different from the past.

No. She hadn’t been that close to him in the first place 5 years ago. She probably just didn’t know about Woojin’s personality.

“Ah. Places with a lot of people is….”

“That’s right. We just ate our dinner, so we are full.”

Woojin grinned when Jaemin also stepped forward to make excuses.

“Do you think food stomach and alcohol stomach is the same thing?”

At Woojin’s word, Jiwon turned to look at Jaemin. She wanted to talk with Woojin. She wanted to thank him for helping out her brother. Moreover, she had to...

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