Chapter 30 Same Place (3).

Chapter 30 Same Place (3).

Chapter 30 – Same Place (3)

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*Inside Sunggoo’s car*

“Huh. I guess Krocodile leather sells for a high price?”

“I..I guess so.”

Woojin looked through the presents given by Minchan. Among the several items, he was looking at the Gwachun City Hall subway station’s 11th exit guidebook. It listed which monsters were present in the Dungeon, and the pattern they showed up in. It also listed the vulnerable points. There were a variety of information that were essential in attacking the Dungeon.

It listed how much a part of a monster could be sold for. It also described the valuable plants and what types of valuable ores could be found there.

These were easily found items. Woojin hadn’t known it, but there was a robust market for these items in this reality.

“Well, it’s too bad, but I can’t do anything about it now.”

Woojin knew he hadn’t been able to bring out a lot of things, but he didn’t feel any regret over it. Also, in the future, he didn’t have to think about gathering all those items by himself.

“Hey Sunggoo. You take care of it next time.”


Sunggoo would rather excavate the bloodstones. If he had to dismember monster’s corpses to bring the valuable parts, it was a little bit….

‘Ah, my dream of becoming a flame magician….’

The desire to advance his ability was as strong as the desire to make money. He really respected the...

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