Chapter 29 Same Place (2).

Chapter 29 Same Place (2).

Chapter 29 – Same Place (2)

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“This is quite unexpected?”

Woojin frowned as he saw the figures of about 20 monsters.

<Lv 41 Orc Warrior>

<Lv 45 Orc Shaman>

He would have never dreamed orcs would show up here. Their level was visible through the Warrior’s Sense, and it was fairly high. He had to assume their actual fighting power was much higher. These bastards were analogous to humans. When the monsters of this race gather in a group, they were able to work synergistically.

“Rakur Ri Maktoo, Ri Keo Alphen.”

Sunggoo was surprised when bizarre words started to flow out from Woojin’s mouth.


Sungoo wasn’t the only one who was surprised. The orcs were surprised, and they started to murmur to each other.

[How can a human from earth speak the language of the orcs?]

Woojin made a bitter laugh. Orc were of a similar race. They were one of the tribes that made up Alphen’s society. Woojin wondered how these orcs came to be in this Dungeon.

Weren’t the Dungeons a route being used by Trahnet to invade...

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