Chapter 28 - Same Place

Chapter 28 Same Place.

Chapter 28 – Same Place

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How long would this feeling of anxiety continue?

Haemin had been feeling it for about 30 minutes and Minchan felt it for no more than 40 minutes. The two of them waited for the barrier to disappear. At the very least, they wanted to see the moment when the two had died as a courtesy.

“Team leader. These guys are lasting quite awhile?”

“I guess so.”

“If they lasted this long, doesn’t it confirm they were able to survive in the jungle?”

“I guess so.”

“…maybe they might clear it?”

At Haemin’s hopeful words, Minchan’s face turned bright for a moment. However, he his face turned sullen soon.

“He is a Necromancer, so he’ll have his summoned beings. Even if he was able to defeat the Krocodile using his summoned being as bait, he won’t be able to escaped the swamps.”

“Mmmm. When you say the swamps….”

In various parts of the jungle, large swamps had formed, and the swamp was basically a death trap for close ranged fighters. The swamps limited one’s movement, and there were two types of monsters that spawned at the swamps.

The Fuco Monkeys and Swamp Anacondas.

Fuco Monkeys threw a very hard fruit named...

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