Chapter 27 4 star Dungeon (2).

Chapter 27 4 star  Dungeon (2).

Chapter 27 – 4 star Dungeon (2)

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“Is that a portal?”

The color was different, but the portal made by the Dimensional Guardian had the same appearance. No. The size is a bit smaller…

Suddenly, Sunggoo kneeled down in front of Woojin.

“I’m sorry, hyung-nim.”

“Huh? Why?”

“This is my fault. When I bought my car yesterday, I became too excited. I was lax in my preliminary research of the Dungeons.”

Woojin smirked.

“It’s all right. Get up.”

At Woojin’s generosity, Sunggoo stood up with a touched expression on his face. He threw away the excited feeling from his heart, then he put a tight reign over his feelings using his nervousness.

‘I’ve lost my mind.’

Suggoo looked back on the past two days, and he had to admit he had been too excited . Sunggoo normally attacked only 1 star Dungeons. The first time he raided a 2 star Dungeon he had almost died. He had acted like he had forgotten about that incident.

If it wasn’t for Woojin, he would have died on that day. Moreover, he wouldn’t even be able to enter a 4 star Dungeon or even a 3 star Dungeon. For Sunggoo, a 4 star Dungeon was basically a death trap.

Even though he was coming to such a place, he hadn’t done the proper research. He came here with light feet as if he was going to a picnic…. He had gone crazy. He really...

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