Chapter 26 - 4 star Dungeon

Chapter 26 4 star Dungeon.

Chapter 26 – 4 star Dungeon

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“Team Leader. These guys made an appointment at the Gwachun Station’s 6th exit?”

“Which guild does the Dungeon belong to?”

“They are owned by the Hwarang guild.”

Jung-minchan frowned.

“They are acting no better than poor noobs. ”

It wasn’t possible for an F ranked Roused to attempt a 4 star Dungeon. How could they not know such a basic thing? They just blindly made an appointment. It seemed they were nothing more than amateurs.

However, he hadn’t verified their abilities himself, so it made him more curious. How much confidence do they have for them to attempt a 4 star Dungeon with only the two of them?

“Do we have a 4 star Dungeon near there”

“We do. It is the Chungsa station’s 11th exit.”

“It’s right next door. Is there an appointment around that time?”

“Mmmm. It is scheduled for a training session for our new recruits.”

“Tell them to go elsewhere. Empty the schedule over there.”


“If you want to catch a fish, then one has to throw in the chum. The bait.”

He always talked about fishing. Kim-haemin grumbled inside, then he started modifying the schedule.

“You come with me to Gwachun.”

“Yes. Yes.” (TLN:lost in translation. Nae=yes. Haemin changed it to nae-ee)

“Sssoop. I’ll go to the market. Prepare everything for me.”

“Yes, Yes.” (TLN: he change nae to Nwei)

Haemin replied in a playful manner. Minchan hit him as he got up. Haemin was...

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