Chapter 25 - Little Devil Bibi

Chapter 25 Little Devil Bibi.

Chapter 25 – Little Devil Bibi

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They would move in a fortnight. The contract fee, and the intermediate payment would be required on the day of the move. Therefore, Woojin didn’t need to borrow Sunggoo’s money.

Woojin had been summoned to the Planet Alphen during his 3rd year of high school. No real estate contracts existed on that side. The locations he traveled to and where he fell asleep for the day was his home.

He lived like that for 20 years.

He had never made such a trifling contract like this. This was why Woojin didn’t know what the intermediate payment and contract fee was.

While they were looking at the houses, the sun had long ago descended. They filled their hungry stomachs at a nearby restaurant, and Sooah was already sleeping from exhaustion.

He carried Sooah back home, and he laid her down. Lee-soogyong had a disappointed expression since she didn’t want to part from her son.

“Why don’t you live with us until we move?”


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