Chapter 24 - Looking For a House

Chapter 24 Looking For a House.

Chapter 24 – Looking For a House

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Woojin arrived at Sadang at around 11 o’clock. He called his mother to see when she could get off.

“Yes, mother. I’ll see you later.”

After ending the phone call, Woojin looked at Sunggoo.

“We have nothing to do until 3 o’clock. Do you want to go eat something?”

“I’ll be honored. Hyung-nim.”

“Dude. Stop over doing it. ”

“Heh heh, I really am honored. Where should I take you?”

“Mmmm. How about a taste makes me feel like I’ve returned to earth?”


He was in trouble. He couldn’t think of any witty words he could reply back with. Before the silence lingered, Sunggoo was barely able to give an answer.

“Hahaha. Should I take you to an organic Korean restaurant? There is a place I know.”

“Mmm. Let’s go there.”

Woojin looked out the window, and he pointed at a specific location. Sunggoo rubbed his eyes when he saw it.

“Over there?”


[Kimbab World]

Sunggoo berated himself inside.

‘Now that I’ve touched some money I became wasteful. Hyung-nim is still frugal.’

Woojin and Sunggoo ordered what they wanted to eat after they parked in front of the Kimbab World. Woojin ordered tuna kimbab(TLN: canned tuna) and Ramen. He had a very blissful expression on his face as he savored the food.

‘This. This is it.’

He thought about his old memories, and his...

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