Chapter 23 - Hammer Guild

Chapter 23 Hammer Guild.

Chapter 23 – Hammer Guild

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Jung-minchan was the team leader of the 4th Support team of the Hammer guild.

The 4th Support team managed any work related to Dungeon equal to or below 3 stars. The team was also in charge of educating the new Roused inducted into the Guild, and they helped out with the training.

After he got to work, he always hand-brewed his coffee. He was a coffee maniac. He started off the day leisurely as he drank a cup of coffee in his large office. This was an important ritual for him and it gave him joy.

The 30 minutes after he got to work was his small time of happiness. His team members didn’t bother him unless there was an important business.


He was about to grind the coffee beans with his hand mill when the phone rang.

He picked up the phone.

“This is 4th Support team leader, Jung-minchan.”

[Team ldader. This is Haemin.]

Kim-haemin was part of the management staff he had deployed to the Maebong Station’s 3rd exit. The Maebong Station’s 3rd exit was taken by the Hammer guild about a month ago. They were now in charge of managing the Dungeon, where the Rakwis spawned.

“Yeah. What’s going on?”

[These guys arrived at the Dungeon this morning, and they reserved 4 hours before going in. There is something wrong with these guys.]

“Did they...

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