Chapter 22 - Dual Class

Chapter 22 Dual Class.

Chapter 22 – Dual Class

(TLN: I was able to get into a translating groove yesterday, so here’s another regular chapter.?? This will probably be the last release this week unless there is a sponsored ch. Next week will probably be Dragon Maken and either Elq/SSN. I’m also pondering whether I should start another project. Was the alternating 2 novels each week an unpleasant reading experience? Let me know. I appreciate any input. Please turn off your adblockers if you are able to. Thanks~)

“Huk, huk. Do you think we can rest a little bit, hyung-nim?”

For the most part, Woojin didn’t directly participate in battle. The Rakwis were considered to be a 3 star monster, because there were a frighteningly a lot of them.

It was so bad that a fight with the Rakwis wasn’t considered to be a fight against a monster. It was a fight against oneself . Everything ended the moment one became tired.

The Skeleton Soldiers never got tired, and he just had to summon a new one when one was destroyed.

Moreover, the Skeleton Soldiers’ appearance had gone through a change. The Skeleton Soldier’s Skill Level had risen from 1 to 10 and they had evolved.

The Skeleton Soldier were made out out bones, so its emaciated body looked quite brittle. However, they now wore shoulder and chest armor....

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