Chapter 21 - 3Star Dungeon

Chapter 21 3 Star Dungeon.

Chapter 21 – 3 Star Dungeon

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“Hyung-nim. I’m over here.”

The next day morning Sunnggoo was waiting in front of Woojin’s house on the appointed time.

“Who’s car is this?”

“It is my mother’s car. She doesn’t use it a lot, so I usually use it.”

Woojin nodded his head as he looked at the white Matiz. I guess it was better than not having a car.

“Why are the windows open?”

“The AC is broken.”


It was almost the end of summer, so the morning was a bit chillly. It didn’t matter if they didn’t have an AC.

Woojin tilted his head in confusion when he saw Sunggoo, who was putting on his seatbelt.

“It’s your first day as a servant, so why are you in such a good mood?”

“Haha. Isn’t there different degrees of being a servant?”

Woojin grinned as he asked a question.

“You said we are going to a 3 star Dungeon today?”


“What comes out over there?”

“Rakwi comes out.” (TLN: bakwi is cockroach in korean. The author basically switch b with an r)

Rakwis were basically large cockroaches. That’s it. It wasn’t as if the drop rate for the bloodstones were any better, but there was a large population of this monster in this dungeon. This is why this Dungeon contained a lot of bloodstones.

Sunggoo gave a briefing about the Dungeon, while he drove.

“The Maebong Staion’s third...

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