Chapter 208 - Epilogue


The subway stations had become a means for the monsters to pour into this world.

Humanity had to fight for their survival, and they had done pretty well in the fight.

Still, a population that was about to reach 7 billion was reduced to half its size in just 5 years.

The monsters appeared in the world, while following certain sets of rules.

Humanity explored the Dungeons, and they obtained a profitable result.  They started taking advantage of the situation.

They went wild over a new resource called Bloodstones, but soon they were hit with a bigger tragedy.

Trahnet and earth had completely synchronized.

Afterwards,  the Dimensional lords, who were indiscriminate about their killings, had appeared.  They were on track to take ownership of earth.

It was rare to see a country, who hadn’t lost their capital, and about half the countries of the world lost their government.  The people of these countries turned into refugees.


One couldn’t simply categorize all of them as monsters.  Many different types of life forms gathered on earth.

There were humanoid races like Elves, Dwarves and Orcs.  There were even humans….

The tens or hundreds of new species had been about to fight an endless battle to take possession of earth.

However, all the Dungeons had been Reset.

It was a clean Reset.

The Dungeons, which had acted as Dimensional tunnels, disappeared.  Humanity once again had hope.

It looked as if peace could be achieved once the invaders, who were the Dimensional Refugees, were driven out.

While the Dimensional war was over, the battle to seize earth remained.  A war where the Dimensional refugees would have to fight the original owners of earth remained.  It was a battle for their survival.

The population was being categorized as either being humans or monsters.  However, this identification of friend or foe was an ambiguous...

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