Chapter 207 - Recover (3)

Chapter 207 - Recover (3)

Dr. Toppler schooled his expression.

Did his persuasion work?  

Kahng-woojin had opened his eyes in the true world, so what was he feeling right now?

"Did you think about it?"

"What are you talking about?"

"The Reset…  Well, I guess it doesn’t matter anymore."

He had wanted Kahng-woojin, who possessed the Recovery Code, to log out with the Earth’s Code.  

The logout had been carried out, but the Earth’s Code still remained in Trahnet.

Kim-kahngchul had been tasked to recover the Code, yet he had failed.  Moreover, Toppler had been forcefully logged out.  Now he would no longer be able to connect to Trahnet ever again.

Toppler looked at Kahng-woojin with a serious expression.

"It isn’t too late.  I’ll show you how to deliver a message to an employee within Alandal.  When this person acquires the Earth’s Code, we could log him out."

At Toppler’s impassioned words, Kahn-woojin let out an odd laugh.

"You want me to command my subordinate to kill my dongsaeng?"

" I’m saying we should acquire the Code, and we’ll be able to turn back earth to the time before the war started."

"That isn’t funny."

"Please wake up.  That place is merely a VR.  When the Reset occurs, your sister will still be alive.  We aren’t killing her.  We are going to save earth."

Toppler had angled his body up from the bed, and Kahng-woojin pushed his face towards Toppler.

"You are mistaken."


"My goal is to sever my earth’s link to Trahnet.  I don't care about your earth."


Toppler’s face darkened.

Kahng-woojin had been logged out, but his memories were still unstable.  This was what Toppler assumed.

"We can always turn back the VR, but the reality…."


Kahng-woojin patted Toppler’s shoulder.

"I came here, because I wanted to confirm somet...

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