Chapter 206 - Recover (2)

Chapter 206 - Recover (2)

A long time had passed.

His senses were absent, so he couldn't tell the passage of time. There were so much thoughts entangled in his mind that it reached a point where he couldn’t think about anything….

A sense of emptiness was left behind when he suddenly realized something.

'A lot of time has passed'

He hadn’t gone anywhere, and he hadn’t moved.

He stood in one place as everything remained the same.

The amount of idle time he had might have drove him insane, but now he was moving farther away from it.  

'Thank you.'

Several hundred to several thousand beings surrounded him.

He could feel each one of them.

It was a long enough time where he could have gotten lost, but he clearly felt them protect him at all times.

Evil spirits?

He had thought unblemished souls had fallen to torment him.

He had deluded himself to a ridiculous degree.

They had always been trying to protect him.

From what?


Light pierced his eyes.


Did he really have them?

He had no body…

He started thinking about the thoughts he couldn’t perceive before.

He kept trying.  He tried hard to recollect his memories.




It felt as if scattered fragments of memory were being absorbed into him, and the pieces were being put together one by one.  

The only thing he found lacking was the fact that these fragments were pieces from two different boards.

'Who am I?'

Was he a scientist, who...

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