Chapter 205 - Recover (1)

Chapter 205 - Recover (1)

"Where is he?"

When the spacecraft's hatch closed, Dr. Toppler took off his helmet, and he was the first to speak.

Captain Leone had a bitter expression on his face as he looked at the anxious professor.

"He’s in the recovery room."

Dr. Toppler was able to read many things from his expression, so he opened the door to the recovery room with a gloomy heart.


Dr. Toppler looked the same except he was a bit older.  It seemed Kim-kahngchul was deeply moved by this fact.

He really had opened his eyes in the real world.

"What happened to Earth’s Code?"

"...I failed."


Dr. Toppler let out a long sigh.

So what was the point in awakening Kahng-woojin, who only had the Recovery Code?  If they wanted a Rollback, they needed a reference point in the form of the Planet Code.

"Is there really a need to do a Rollback, professor?"


"Can’t you just save everyone just like me?"


At Kim-kahngchul’s words, Toppler shook his head from side to side as he let out a sigh.  Their resources were already depleted, and the presence of any life was absent in their home.  In such a situation, what would happen if tens of thousands of people were to awaken at the same time?

Even without an external cause, the people would self-destruct.

It was inside the VR world, but humans fought each other for power through an endless war.  It was human nature.

Kim-kahngchul’s expression still indicated that he didn’t comprehend the...

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