Chapter 204 - The Boundary between Reality and Virtual Reality (2)

Chapter 204 - The Boundary between Reality and Virtual Reality (2)

“Captain.  The Neutralization System is ready to be activated.”

“What about Earth’s Code?”

“The order has been given, and we’ll recover Kim-kahngchul in 5 minutes.”

“All right.  Let’s go in.”

Ten minutes.

They had to take out Kahng-woojin first.  Then they will take out Kim-kahngchul.

The mess caused in the world would be cleanly reverted, and everything will start over once again.

Captain Leone led his subordinates down the stairs of the Seoul Station.


Lee-soogyong hid Sooah behind her, and she spoke in a trembling voice.

“P...please step back.”

“It’ll be alright.  This will take only an instant.”

Kim-kahngchul stepped forward with a blank expression on his face.  He was doing what needed to be done.

“I won’t let you, you bastard!”

She hadn’t been threatened, but she could tell what he was about to do.  She acted on her maternal instinct.  She tried to protect her child.

Lee-soogyong wrapped herself around Kim-kahngchul

“Run away, Sooah!”



At Lee-soogyong’s cry, Sooah hesitatingly ran towards the exit.  On the other side of the door, the security guards were fallen all over the floor.

How could regular people hold back a Rank A Roused?


Kim-kahngchul easily pushed Lee-soogyong away.  She screamed as she fell to the floor.

“You won’t remember this anyway.”

Their fate would repeat again.  He would no longer exist in this world, and she wouldn’t remember what had happened.


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