Chapter 203 - The Boundary between Reality and Virtual Reality (1)

Chapter 203 - The Boundary between Reality and Virtual Reality (1)

Meeting Room inside Bibi’s Castle Control Tower.

The news was running on the large monitor.  The voice of the news anchor rang out inside the silent room.

「An explosion of unknown cause has created a large sandstorm inside the Gobi desert.  A research team was dispatched to see if a Dungeon Break had occurred nearby.  We have a satellite image taken right before the explosion…..  Our next story….」

In the past, this story would have been treated like breaking news.  However, it was now being treated as a passing news story.

There were too many Dungeon Breaks occurring everywhere now.  It wasn’t treated as breaking news unless a Dimensional lord powerful enough to destroy a country had appeared.

The people of Alandal was looking at a figure within the blurry satellite image.  Their expression didn’t look too good.

“Doesn’t that look like our king?”


Woo-soonghoon’s words broke the silence, but everyone fell silent again.

“Uh? There are more details on the internet.”

The explosion at the Gobi desert was a nuclear weapon level explosion, and the related information was being quickly uploaded onto the internet.

There was also a video being circulated aside from the satellite image.

「Oh shit!  What the hell?  It’s a pegasus.」

The person filming the footage spoke as he recorded the...

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