Chapter 202 - God of Destruction (2)

Chapter 202 - God of Destruction (2)


“This is earth.”

The tail end of Woojin's lips lifted.

“I’m not talking about the fake one.”

He looked at the Dimensional Admin, who didn’t give an answer.  It was as if he was staring at an Overmind made out of red light.  

What reason did it have to put on an armor….

Was it mimicking a human?  Or did it have some other function?  

He couldn’t even come up with a guess as to the reason why.

“Why aren’t you answering me?”

“What is fake and what is real?”

The voice rang out, and it shook within his head.

Woojin was about to give an immediate answer, but he swallowed his words.

What defined something as being real or fake?

What characterized reality and virtual reality…..

When he became tormented by his thoughts, Woojin shook his head as if to chase away such thoughts.  It didn’t matter which form of reality was of substance.

“Moon World.  I want you to send me there.”

“You can’t go there.”

At the Dimensional Admin’s words, Woojin’s expression hardened.

Was Toppler correct?  Was it true that this world was the fake one?  If there really was a partition between reality and the virtual world, the Dimensional Admin was a product of the virtual reality.  It meant the Dimensional Admin couldn’t send him to the Moon World, since it was located in reality.


The silence was a sufficient answer.

If the Dimensional Admin had no...

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