Chapter 201 - God of Destruction (1)

Chapter 201 - God of Destruction (1)

Woojin exited the room with a big frown on his face, and the first thing he saw was a crowd of people running up to him.

There was Jung-minchan, and Woo-sooghoon.  Then there was Kim-haemin and Blanka, who he hadn’t seen for awhile.  Even Bibi was there….

“Why are you all gathering around me?”

“Are you ok?  The sounds from inside the...”

“I want you to heal the bastard inside.”

Blanka possessed a Healing ability, so he discreetly went into the isolation room.  The rest of the group followed behind Woojin.

“Why are you guys following me like dogs?”

“Mmmm.  . Are you ok, president?”

Jung-minchan bolstered his courage as he asked a question.  Woojin frowned as he replied with a question of his own.

“Why wouldn’t I be fine?”

“Your complexion doesn’t look good.”

Woojin looked around his surrounding.

Everyone looked worried, and there was something common in all their faces.  They were all looking at him with worried eyes.

“Are you guys perhaps worried about me?”

“Huh.  Jeez.”

Woojin grinned.  He relaxed his stiffened face.

He never expected to receive such gazes from others in this life.

No, there had always been someone, who had looked at him with such worried eyes.

‘This is a first aside from my mother.’

Maybe, this should have been obvious if he looked back on it.

These people already deserved to be called his family.

He could worry about them...

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