Chapter 200 - Trahnet (5)

Chapter 200 - Trahnet (5)

Dr. Toppler was nervous, so his shoulders tensed.

The immense pressure made it difficult for him to breathe properly.

Woojin glared as he stood in front of Dr. Toppler.

If Woojin swung his fist, it would be able to reach Toppler.

Kim-kahngchul was conflicted.  He didn’t know if he should stop this or not, but he didn’t dare to step forward in such an atmosphere.

Everything within the isolation room….  

The objects….  

The air….

It felt as if it were all being squeezed in front of Kahng-woojin’s power.

He opened his mouth.

“I'll give you exactly 5 minutes.  If you can’t persuade me, you are dead.”

This was an unexpected opportunity.  Toppler’s eyes twinkled as he immediately spoke.

“This world is a lie.”

“I really want to cancel the words I spoke earlier.”

Woojin spoke with a serious expression on his face.  He didn’t care that he had given Toppler permission to speak for 5 minutes.  Woojin wanted to hit Toppler for using sophistry.

“…may I continue?”

“You’ve used up 20 seconds.”

At Woojin’s words, Toppler quickly took up his words again.  The future of earth and the Moon World depended on his words.

“It was year 2529.  War and the depletion of natural resources made it difficult for humanity to survive…."

Dr. Toppler spoke in a serious manner, yet Woojin’s expression was being contorted further as time passed.  Kim-kahngchul...

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