Chapter 199 - Trahnet (4)

Chapter 199 - Trahnet (4)

“What is it?”

“I’ll try to persuade the Deletion Admin.”

“He doesn’t have his memory, so what can you do!”

The risk was too large.  

The man was crazy, and he was too unpredictable.

Toppler calmly tried to persuade the agitated Speaker Shelt.

“He already has the keys now.  We have no choice, but to call him here for a Reset.”

“He tries to kill any one of us that he meets, so how will you be able to persuade him!  Words don’t work on that bastard.”

“I’ll persuade him.”


Shelt glared at him, but Toppler didn’t blink.

“I can persuade him.  I have to go to earth.”


“Do you have any other options?”


He might be right.

“I’ll have to discuss this with the Council….”


Toppler suddenly yelled out in anger.

“Are you trying to kill us all?  This isn’t the time for us to hesitate.  We have to get in front of this as soon as possible!”

They were in uncharted territory.

Iello had appeared much earlier than the records indicated.  Kahng-woojin hadn’t finished his key, yet he had encountered Iello.  Moreover, he was able to achieve a ridiculous result.

The cause of this change was numerous, but Dr. Toppler’s arbitrary decision to meet him was probably one of the contributing factors.

“Since you caused this incident, you are in charge of fixing it!”



At Speaker’s Shelt’s...

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