Chapter 198 - Trahnet (3)

Chapter 198 - Trahnet (3)


The fragments of ice flew in all directions.  The sharp dagger-like ice was turning the surrounding into rubble.


Their bodies shook every time the swords clashed.  The aftershock was considerable, so an endless amount of dust rose into the air.

The fierce battle continued.  Neither the monsters nor the Undead army was able to approach the two.

In contrast, the Undead army was slowly gaining the upperhand.

It was a free for all where the allies and enemies were jumbled together, but this was the type of battle most favored by the Undead army.

Several Death Knights, who could spare the time, hovered near the battle occurring between Kahng-woojin and Iello.

[Should we help him?]

[It is our King’s battle.]

It was an enormous Death Knight with large tusks.

Kiba just watched as Kahng-woojin fought in a fierce battle.

He was the supreme commander of the Undead army.

He was a Necromancer, yet he was about to enter into a realm of being a true Warrior.

His king was about to take a step forward in this fight, so Kiba couldn’t interrupt the fight.

[Let us clear the surrounding, so we can watch our King’s fight.]

[Let us do that.]

At Kiba’s words, the group of Death Knights near him marched forward with their subordinate Skeleton Warriors to clean up the surrounding.


A being impacted on the wall of an enormous building,...

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