Chapter 197 - Trahnet (2)

Chapter 197 - Trahnet (2)

“Professor Toppler!”

“Huh? What is it?”

Toppler heard the unusually urgent voice, so he followed suit by asking his question in an impatient manner.  The day of the decision was getting closer, and it felt as if he was  walking on thin ice everyday.

“Kahng-woojin went to meet Iello.”


Professor Toppler yelled out in surprise.

It was still too early for them to meet.  No, this had never happened before.  Currently, they were off the preordained path, so it made him worried and anxious.

“What has caused this change….”

Things weren’t going as planned.  However, none of their plans had succeeded before, so it was true that Toppler felt a sense of expectancy.

Kahng-woojin was meeting Iello before he acquired his qualification.

“Please ready the Toppler’s ship.”


“Wouldn’t it be too dangerous?”

Toppler got up from his seat.

He had dedicated his whole life to this old research room, and he took in the whole room.

There was no longer a future on the Moon World.

If he didn’t want to miss this opportunity, he had to be in a place where he could instantly react to changes.

“I’m going to earth.”

Professor Toppler looked to the sky as he looked at the black planet.


After Woojin exited the Portal, he looked over the pictures taken by his recon team.  He just blinked at what he saw.

“Their number increased this much in just a day?”

“…Yes.  Even the government...

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