Chapter 194 - Moon World (1)

Chapter 194 - Moon World (1)

The room was too spartan to be called a reception room.

There were no windows, and the room was thoroughly isolated from the outside.  There were only two chairs present, and a man was sitting in one of the chair.


Kim-kahngchul saw the tightly shut door open up.  When he saw Kahng-woojin enter, he stood up from his seat.

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

Woojin smirked at Kim-kahngchul’s nonchalant words.

“You have big balls.”

Kim-kahngchul had been barely able to escape after suffering a defeat, yet he had come here out of his own volition.

When Woojin sat in the chair, Kim-kahngchul also sat down.

“What do you have to say to me?”

Woojin always went straight to the point.  Usually, a person used levity and delay tactics to assess the intent of one’s opponent.  However, Woojin didn’t even attempt to use such tactics.

“I’m hear to deliver a message.”

“Whose message? Toppler? Tell him to come here himself.”

“He can’t come here yet.”


Woojin folded his arms, and he leaned back into the back of his chair.  It was funny, but the uncomfortable seat helped him organize his thoughts.

“Why can’t he come? Does he think he’ll die?”

“Are you planning on killing him?”

“I don’t like people, who approaches me, with some secret agenda in mind.  This is true for you too.”

Woojin gave a...

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