Chapter 193 - Blood Dragon (2)

Chapter 193 - Blood Dragon (2)


An enormous red body was flying through the sky.

[What is my name?]

It didn’t remember previous name before it was named Yong Yong.  

Blood was being pumped by the Golem’s Heart, and it was a familiar sensation to the Dragon.

Ancient Dragon.

It felt as if the surging blood would allow it to regain its sense of self.


The Dragon flew up into the sky at an incredible speed, and it barrelled into the Crow, who had been flying in circles.

[You are an odd one.]

At the Crow’s short observation, Yong Yong opened its jaw in response.


The Crow planned on dodging, but it couldn’t.  After gaining blood and wings, Yong Yong’s movements couldn’t be compared to before.

Moreover, his strength had become so strong that Yong Yong’s teeth was able to plunge into Ibrit’s wing.  It broke through the knife-like feathers and its leather.

It was a simple act of biting, yet the damage it dealt was beyond imagination.


Yong Yong gripped Ibrit’s body with its claws.  While its teeth were lodged inside the wing, Yong Yong twisted its midsection.


The sound of destruction was loud.

The wing was ripped away as Ibrit writhed.


It wouldn’t have been strange if they plummeted to the ground, but...

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