Chapter 192 - Blood Dragon (1)

Chapter 192 - Blood Dragon (1)

The sound of the ground shaking tickled one’s ears.

The vibration was transferred from the ground to one’s feet.  One’s entire body shook.

Koo-koohng, koohng!

The sound of clashes was heard from all direction, so one didn’t even need to look around to find the source of the sounds.

Enemies were everywhere, and it was a mishmash of all races.

Orcs, Ogres, Elves, and even humans….

The creatures of his Dimensions answered the call of Ibrit.  All of them charged forward to fight Kahng-woojin and his Undead Army.

All the monsters, who had crawled out of the Dungeons of Seoul, stopped destroying the city.  They headed towards the Immortal.

Koo-koohng, koohng.

The roads that should be filled with vehicles were now clogged by the marching monsters.  

The Roused and soldiers on standby looked on with confusion.  From their perspective, it as if the monsters were retreating.  However, if one looked at it in a macro view, the monsters were gathering at a single point.

The monsters were all rushing towards the islet.

Enemies were everywhere.

Their eyes were red with resentment.  They were sending out an almost instinctual killing intent towards Woojin, and it was laughable to him.

“It seems all the trashes from the other Dimensions are gathering here..”

Dimensional Refugees.

These were beings, who had lost their...

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