Chapter 191 - Lord of Ice (3)

Chapter 191 - Lord of Ice (3)

Seoul Station.

Fortunately, this place hadn’t been cleared by anyone yet, so Kahng-woojin was able appear at this location.

“Huh.  Is it fine to leave this place like this?”

After the Dungeon Shock, this region had gone through a lot of change, but now it had gone through another change.

The old Alandal guild offices were in ruins, and the training ground was razed to the ground.  For the past five years, humans had experienced going through the Dungeon Breaks, so they had developed numerous techniques using heavy equipments to bring about rapid repairs.   However, the area around the Seoul Station looked desolate.

If the monster attacks was still ongoing, it would have been understandable.  However, he could see the roads being cleared, and heavy equipments fixing the other buildings.  He could guess at what was happening.

“So they are saying they won’t fix anything that aren’t on their lands?”

The region near the Seoul Station was the territory of Alandal.

This region was the only place where the recovery efforts weren’t occurring.

Woojn walked towards the fallen buildings.

He headed towards where he could hear the sounds of human activities.  

He arrived at a clearing where an excavator was clearing away debris.  In the middle of this clearing, a temporary tent was erected, and he saw a familiar face beneath this tent.

“He is leading a charmed life.”

The world was going to hell,...

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