Chapter 190 - Lord of Ice (2)

Chapter 190 - Lord of Ice (2)

Alandal's plan of actions had changed.

They were being overly cautious and safety oriented.  They only showed interest in gathering Bloodstones.  This caused several media companies to keep pouring out criticisms.

Still, Alandal was unresponsive.

At first, only the brave ones threw stones at them.  However, the media was piling on Alandal now.  There was a consistent theme in all the news generated regarding Alandal.

‘The king’s absence means nothing will get done.

The media refused to let go of the subject.  They even started criticizing Kahng-woojin.

Why did he go to Alphen?

He left earth to pursue the safety of another planet.  Was he in the right to do this?

The world was in an uncertain situation, and everyone wanted a breakthrough that would solve the problems they faced.  They didn’t care if a hero stepped forward to stop the war, or a sacrificial lamb that would bear all the responsibility….

Alandal, who had been excessively unresponsive to all other works, was focused on a single task.

Kim-haemin slammed open the door to the Prime Minister’s room, and he yelled out.

“We've picked up the trace of Kim-kahngchul.”

“Huh?  Where?”

Jung-minchan had been getting ready to berate the man.  However, he got up from his seat with a bright expression on his face.

“He’s in London.”

“London?  England?”

“Yes and yes.”

“Damn bastard.”

This had to do with one of the specific orders given by Kahng-woojin.

They had focused all their attention on finding Dr. Toppler, and the escapee...

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