Chapter 189 - Lord of Ice (1)

Chapter 189 - Lord of Ice (1)

“That is unfortunate.”

Unlike his words, Woojin's face displayed his indifference.  The pupils of Nakamura shook.

“I...I'm sorry.  For a moment, my greed...”

The light in Woojin's eyes stayed steady even as he heard Nakamura's entreaty.

“You should just die.”

Why waste a Dimensional Proof to take over his Colony?

Woojin had only worried about external enemies.  He had been too complacent about the enemies within.

In the long history of earth, who had killed the most humans?


After the Dungeon Shock, they had killed a lot of humans in a short amount of time.  The fear and the threat of the monsters had somewhat united the humans, but unfortunately, humans were still responsible for killing the most humans on earth.

Humans were divided into various groups, and these groups went through numerous struggles.  These continuous struggles resulted in harm and death.

For a brief moment, these groups had allied with each other thanks to a big external threat.  However, the signs of change was once again on the horizon.

It wouldn't be strictly a fight between Dimensional lords and the people of earth anymore.  The line between allies and enemies would blur.  In the end, each faction would fight against each other.

Nakamura, who was in front of him, was a prime example.

“Oooh ooh oohk.  S...stop.”

Nakamura screamed, but Woojin's grip continued to tighten.  Nakamura felt a headache as if his head would soon expl...

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