Chapter 187 - Breakeven Point (1)

Chapter 187 - Breakeven Point (1) 

Daken guild's master Nakamura stood in front of the World Tree.  He looked up at it.

"You were here, Nakamura."

"Ah, monk Tauric."

Nakamura looked at Tauric with a bright smile on his face.

While Kahng-woojin was absent, Tauric was the most influential person in the Coalition.

He was Skia's First Monk.

"Do you need something from me?"

"Ah.  I was wondering when the next wave of troops will be dispatched."

"Hmm...  A single day on earth equals 4 days on Alphen.  They should be here soon."

"Oh.  That is welcoming news."

Most of the population near Saurus mountain were mostly rescued.  These were being of various races, who had joined the Coalition.

The Immortal's Undead army had exterminated all the monsters nearby, and they were marching south.  When the allied forces from earth crosses over, they would be sent towards the north.

"Anyways, I've talked to everyone regarding the compensation..."

Tauric carefully brought up the subject.

The people of earth were putting their lives on the line by helping in the war.  It wouldn't make sense if there were no compensation given for their help.  Tauric was well aware of this fact.  He couldn't help, but worry when Nakamura had brought up the proposal.

"How did it go?"

Nakamura sounded as if he had high hopes, so Tauric replied in careful manner.

"I have talked to the kings about transferring a portion of their territories.  I've gained consent from them.  However, I'm not sure how it will be divided...

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