Chapter 186 - Last Holy Item (2)

Chapter 186 - Last Holy Item (2)

Were the gods always right?

When she had this conflicting thought, the feeling of anguish arose.

This matter was such a big deal that it shook her to the core.


Even if she kept worrying over the problem, the only thing she could do was sigh.

Her goddess wanted her to set it on fire...

Why did her goddess give her such an oracle?

Was she trying to prevent Kahng-woojin from returning to earth?  Or was she trying to oppose him?

She couldn't discern the meaning behind the oracle, so Melody was tormented.

This was the first time she had this feeling of doubt in her life.

She had always considered the goddess' words to be always right, and she always followed it.

Was she the Holy Maiden of the goddess of premonition, or was she just a puppet on a string....

Melody stood still for awhile as she looked at the World Tree.

Her expression kept changing by the minute, and she finally shook her head.

"This isn't right."

What was the meaning behind burning the World Tree?

The Dungeon, 'Raht's Temple', was cleared by Celrak, so Kahng-woojin only had the Saurus Colony left.

If she burned the World Tree, which was his Symbol, the connection point between earth and Alphen would be severed.

Moreover, she didn't have the confidence that she’ll be able to endure the Immortal's wrath when he learned of her action.  The Gate was needed for him to return to earth.

No matter how much she thought about it, she couldn't come to the conclusion that the act of burning the World Tree was for the...

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