Chapter 185 - Last Holy Item (1)

Chapter 185 - Last Holy Item (1)

God of Time Heres.

The god was reported to have been born alongside Alphen, but he didn't have many followers.  No, the existence of the god hadn't been spread, so the normal people didn't even know about his existence.

Only his priests worshipped Heres, and their missions were conducted in secret. They secretly traveled across the continent, and they only opened their doors to their successors.

Scholars and the long-lived races were the only ones, who knew about the existence of Heres.

The exclusive and secret order of the god was located on a land covered with ice.

Too too too too.

A Phantom Steed was running above this land.


A white plume of breath came out of Latasha's mouth.

The Elf Lord was once again co-opted as a guide, because she knew the location of Heres' temple, and she had good eyesight.

"Are you sure we are on the right path?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

"I don't see anything here."

Woojin tilted his head in puzzlement, yet Shing Shing didn't stop running.

"It is located at the land of ice.  Heres' temple is located at the deepest and coldest location."

"Where is that suppose to be?"

"We can see it now."

Woojin's eyes lit up when he looked at the location pointed out by Latasha.  One could see an enormous ice mountain towering over this flat lands.

As they got closer, his eyes kept getting larger.

It wasn't a mountain.

"Ice Castle?"

"Yes.  You are correct."

The Ice Castle was placed in a location...

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