Chapter 184 - Descendant of a Dragon (2)

Chapter 184 - Descendant of a Dragon (2)

The flame in front of the World Tree had grown.

It looked like a black flame.  The color looked to be the manifestation of impure blood.

When one got closer, one could see the evil spirits swimming around it.  

Within the black flame, one could see a white flame burning within.

There was a Dragon's Heart slowly melting away, and the white flame was using the Dragon's Heart as fuel.

Woojin had already sat in front of the burning fire for well over 10 days.  He was focused solely on the evil spirits, so he didn't have the time to take stock of what was going on around him.

It was a private battle that drew the attention of the people around Woojin.  However, when it continued on for over 10 days, the heroes of the Coalition started focusing on their assigned roles.

It would have been great if Woojin fixed the Colony using his god-like power, but he was too busy.  So the Coalition had to fix the place themselves.

It took them 20 days to roughly secure the surrounding.

The corpses of tens of thousands of monsters were gathered in a single location, and an enormous mountain was transformed from it.  One could see blood stained patches in various locations on the mountain.

The Immortal stayed steadfastly in place, but his Undead Army was razing the nearby regions as they slaughtered all the monsters.

Their activities...

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