Chapter 183 - Descendant of a Dragon (1)

Chapter 183 - Descendant of a Dragon (1)

It was hot.

After he started working with fire, he had thought he had forgotten such sensation.

However, the heat he felt through his two hands couldn't be described as fire.  He was someone, who had digested the conflagration from hell.

He couldn't lose to a mere Dragon's Breath.

A Red Dragon's Breath was made out of fire, so he'll be able to absorb it.

'I'm melting.'

His two hands were disintegrating into a haze.  When he saw this sight, the confidence that had been creeping into his head disappeared.  His confidence hit rock-bottom.

'I...I'm dying.'

The moment he felt fear he could no longer resist against the Breath's nature.


The flames were consuming him, and it felt as if his hands, feet and hair would all burn away.  No, it might have already happened.

The only thing his two eye could see was the red flames...

'Ah ah...'

The flames was so strong that it felt as if his soul was burning away.  There was no way he would be able to gather his disordered mind.

The faint memories and past life events were passing in front of his eyes when he heard a voice.


It was a familiar voice.

Was it his parent's voice?  Was it the voice of an angel?

'Hey Sunggoo!'

He didn't know if he was hearing through his ears, or maybe it was a hallucination ringing inside his mind.

His consciousness was fading away, and...

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