Chapter 182 – Bone Dragon (2)

Chapter 182 – Bone Dragon (2)


The beings, who were always the predators, felt an emotion only felt by their preys.


Their domineering roars sounded like wails now.

Several thousand Minotaurs in the Minotaur army was in panic, and they were running around in confusion.

In front of the overwhelming marvel from space, they were merely a speck of dust.

A very small speck....


It was only a single meteor, but when it impacted on the surface, an incredible amount of energy and shockwave was released.  It turned everything into dust.


The emitted shockwave swallowed even the farthest monsters running away.


There was a massive crater, and one couldn't even see traces of corpses in the aftermath.  It only left behind the traces of this incredibly destructive magic.

The mastermind behind the attack could feel the aftereffects of the shockwave even from within his barrier.


Before the dust could settle, Jaenis' barrier started to fade away.


Unon's kick was concentrated at a single point on the barrier, and it broke in an instant.

"Why are you in such a hurry?"

Unon frowned at Woojin's words.

"It seems I wasted my precious Points."

Was it completely pointless to bring a great army to hunt down the Immortal?  Maybe,...

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