Chapter 181 - Bone Dragon (1)

Chapter 181 - Bone Dragon (1)

"You want me to become a god?"

Celrak raised his eyebrows when Woojin answered with a question.  The Immortal was a stubborn being that was incapable of being controlled by others.  Was the Immortal really being persuaded by him?

"Yes!  Instead of allowing others to steal your home planet, wouldn't it be better if you protect it this way?"

He would be protecting it.

Or should it really be considered protecting his home planet?  He would rule over earth rather than letting someone else rule over it....

"I guess I can see why you think we are gods."

"What are you saying?  Will you really agree to stop this war?"

Celrak put on a slightly hopeful expression.  Woojin's laughter deepened when he saw this.

"A retard is talking about retarded things."


"Come at me, retard."

Celrak's eyebrows twitched.

"Eeee... How dare you."

Celrak raged as the back of his shoulders exploded.  Wings erupted from his back as it kept getting larger.  The wings unfurled, and it was over 10 meters in size.

Too-dook, too-toohk.

The wings weren't the only parts that got bigger.  It was as if Celrak's body was trying to grow in proportion with the large wings.  His body steadily grew, and it was three times larger than a normal person's body.

"How dare you order me around!"

The angered Celrak moved his feet.


The ground shook as clouds of dust rose into the air.

The army organized formation showed...

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