Chapter 180 - Defense (4)

Chapter 180 - Defense (4)


The imposing sounds of the monsters advancing was heard between the spires.

There were rhinoceros-like monsters on the march.  There were also several thousand Minotaur warriors amongst the army. One could see occasional rhino monsters that were larger than elephants.

As expected of something so large, a massive amount of luggage was hanging off their enormous body.

On an exceptionally large rhino, a platform made out of wood was strapped onto the back of the monster.  An unusually handsome man, who looked out of place in this monster army, was lying on top of this platform.

Koo-ooh-oong, koo-ooh-oong.

Every time the rhinoceros monster took a step, the wooden platform rolled as if it was on a large wave.  

The man vacantly looked up into the sky as he lay there. There was no guardrails to the platform, yet no one was worried about him falling off.

He wore his long black hair loose, and he had thin lips.  He was the 36th Throne Unon.

He was using his two hands as a pillow, and he had his legs intertwined.  If it wasn't for the sight around him, he looked like a farmer taking a break during a picnic.


The small dot in the blue sky was getting larger, and something was approaching him.

It was Harpy Queen Shirao.  She had black wings, and a sharp face.

When she dropped out from the sky, she gripped the edge of the platform with her bird's feet....

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