Chapter 179 - Defense (3)

Chapter 179 - Defense (3)


This was the only reason why a being with 44 Admin Codes decided to put a Colony on Alphen.

He wanted to become the Administrator by taking Alphen's Code as his own.

There were only five spots here.

There’s always a finite number of Admin Code, and the competition to gain it was fierce.

The Dimensional lords with other Admin Codes were concentrated on Planet Alphen, because there was an Admin Code that was yet to be settled.

Unlike other places, this place had too many gods.  It had taken them a very long time to find, who had had the real Codes.

It had taken them over 200 years.

Still, all the Dimensional lords were easy going in finding the Code.  They wanted to enjoy their eternal life.  No, they were living a life where death was no longer the end.  The process of acquiring the Codes gave them pleasure, and it gave them a goal to pursue.

This was true until the being that was the exception to the rule appeared.

On the back of the enormous flying stingray Feris, an extraordinarily extravagant throne was placed there.

Ilrak had been sitting on the throne.  He yawned as he got up, and the guards around him moved alongside him.

Ilrak's Seven Knights.

They served as the tools of Ilrak. The seven knights were first grade vassals, who helped Ilrak rise to his Throne.

Ilrak left behind his throne as he walked slowly forward.  He brushed back his long unruly...

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