Chapter 178 - Defense (2)

Chapter 178 - Defense (2)

"You met the goddess?"

"I did.  Why are you surprised?"

"This isn't your first time.  I'm just surprised you were able to meet her for the second time."

Woojin shrugged his shoulder at Melody's reaction.

"Are you saying you've never seen her before?"

"Yes.  I've only heard her voice...."

Woojin shook his head from side to side, and he summoned Shing Shing.

"Anyways, I have to get back quickly. The oracle or whatever is annoying, but it seems to be  legitimate."


Woojin used his will to contact Do-jaemin, who was his Domain's vassal.

[What are you doing?]


Woojin was greeted so fiercely that he could easily guess that Jaemin need something from him.

[Do your best to hold out.  I'll be there quickly.]

[Yes, we'll protect this Colony no matter what.]

He had one Dungeon and one Colony.

He only had two gates, but it seemed the nearby Dimensional lords seemed hellbent at attacking him.  The Dimensional lords were pooling their strength together, and they were gathering enough forces to finish this deed on its first try.

"I'll have to return quickly."

"Is the situation really that bad?"

"I've been told around 100,000 monsters have gathered at the Nero plateau."

"How can that be..."

"Is it close to the Saurus mountain?"

"It would take the land monsters about a week to travel that distance."

"One week..."

He had to get there before the week ended....

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