Chapter 177 - Defense (1)

Chapter 177 - Defense (1)


When Woojin and Melody entered the building, the door closed.  They were completely sealed off from the outside air.


There was a ringing in his ears, and he felt a headache alongside it.  Woojin frowned as he massaged his temple.

"What the hell?"

He felt some unidentifiable sense of danger, and he instinctively became wary of his surrounding.  He looked around, but nothing had changed.

There was a clean corridor, and there was hole with a ladder leading down.  It was something one would see in a typical spaceship.

It wasn't something outwardly that had changed.  It was something within.


He couldn't feel any magical energy.



Woojin called for him, but he couldn't even feel the presence of his Familiar Ramson.

"Dolsae!  Jaenis!"


His voice didn't reach his familiars.  His voice just echoed back to him in this space.

"You won't be able to hear anything except the goddess Aria's voice."


When Woojin turned around to look, he could see a soft energy surrounding Melody's body. He knew Melody was filled with magical energy, since it was manifesting itself as the light around Melody.


Was this Aria's absolute space?

This was Woojin's first time visiting a goddess' temple, so he didn't have much knowledge regarding the temple.

He could only make guesses.


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